How to Activate Windows 7 [Free Windows 7 Product Keys]

Do you require in order to enable Windows 7 ultimate product key? In this article, MiniTool Partition Wizard will show you how to activate Windows 7 with the Windows 7 product key and provides you with no cost Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate product keys. It also teaches users how you can activate Windows 7 without product key.

Windows 7 is a major version in Windows NT. It was the Windows NT operating system released in 2009 and extended support was discontinued on January 14th 2020. It was a huge achievement for Microsoft. From January 2018 onwards, Windows 7 was still the most downloaded version of Windows all over the world.

A few people might want to test Windows 7 features still. They could obtain Windows 7 ISO file Windows 7 ISO file and then use it as an ISO files to download Windows 7 on PC or VM software.

However, in order to access more Windows 7 features, they must enable Windows 7.

How do I Activate Windows 7

The most commonly used method is to enable Windows 7 over the Internet. Here’s the procedure:

  1. Click the Start button, then right-click Computer Select Properties and then click the option to activate Windows 7 right now.
  2. In the event that Windows discovers an internet connection choose the option to activate Windows online right now. You may be asked for an administrator password or to confirm your selection.
  3. Input the Windows 7 product key when you are asked, then click Next and follow the steps.

However, service to Windows 7 has ended and you are no longer able to purchase a licence from Microsoft. It is not required. There are many websites to find the Windows 7 activate key free.

Windows 7 ultimate product key

Use can read:
Windows 7 Activator TxT | 100% Legal Way to Active Windows 7

Windows 7 Editions

Which Windows 7 product key should you choose to use? It’s dependent on which Windows 7 version you want to run. Windows 7 mainly has the following versions:

  • Windows 7 Starter: It is the smallest version of features, it doesn’t support 64-bit architecture and only allows RAM up to 2GB.
  • Windows 7 Home Basic: It is mainly intended for computers with low-end specs and does not support Windows Aero. Windows Aero feature.
  • Windows 7 Home Premium: It is the standard version that includes a variety of Windows Aero features, Windows Media Center and touch-screen controls.
  • Windows 7 Professional: It includes options such as Remote Desktop Server, Location Aware Printing, Encrypted File System, Display Mode, Software Restriction Policy, etc.
  • Windows 7 Enterprise: It is specifically designed for companies, with an interface for multilingual users, BitLocker device encryption, and support for UNIX applications.
  • Windows 7 Ultimate: It offers similar functionality to it’s Enterprise Edition, but is licensed to users of all ages.

The Windows 7 Product Key is free. Windows 7 Product Keys

A lot of people might want to install the Windows 7 Pro or Ultimate version. Here are a few free Windows 7 Pro and Ultimate product keys:

Windows 7 pro product keys (32-bit):

  • 24437-XVJQQ-F36R3-7HM2B-RXTCX
  • 24PK4-2T3GH-H6GQ2-RM3HW-VCF9M
  • 237XB-GDJ7B-MV8MH-98QJM-24367

Windows 7 pro product keys (64-bit):

  • 2QGXM-V9W9W-6Q7MR-64C4X-R26CV
  • 2KH22-2H9QT-YG6WX-8X6Q8-Y89K4
  • 2QT68-76R4B-JF7T9-WXBWF-XJ7KM
  • 2V8P2-QKJWM-4THM3-74PDB-4P2KH

Windows 7 ultimate product keys(32-bit):


Windows 7 ultimate product keys(64-bit):


How Can I Activate Windows 7 Without Product Key

If the previously provided Windows 7 product keys do not work, try these methods for activating Windows 7 without one:

Method 1 1. Make use of Commands

  1. Open the Start menu, type CMD and right-click to run as administrator.
  2. In the Command Prompt window that has appeared, enter “slmgr -rearm”, followed by another instance of that term (such as “slmgr -rearm -arm”) until prompted for inputs by “slmgr -arm “
  3. Your PC may prompt you to reboot.
  4. Do this immediately.
  5. When it has restarted, open CMD as administrator again and run “slmgr” followed by “slmgr -ato”.
  6. If the message “You have successfully activated Windows 7” appears, this means you have successfully activated it.

2. Make use of third-party Software

If these methods don’t work in activating Windows 7, try third-party software like the Windows 7 activator or other KMS tools. Download these programs and run them. They should automatically activate Windows 7. For best results, disconnect any firewall or antivirus programs prior to running these programs.

How to Activate Windows 7 [Free Windows 7 Product Keys]
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